About Medali Global

“Medali Global” is a group companies that was established in 2009, serving the pharmaceutical sector in the Egyptian market through its different divisions Stores, Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals, and after achieving success, Medali Chemicals is now targeting MENA region through “Medali DMCC”, UAE

Why Medali Global?

  • Medali Global applies a high quality management system standard to ensure conformity for both our partners and regulatory requirements
  • Medali Global owns a large network of suppliers from all over the world.
  • Medali Global’s policy is to support our partners with flexibility.
  • Medali Global offers competitive prices.
  • Medali Global depends on a team of high experience committed to deliver inquiries in time, with a consistent high quality.


“Medali Chemicals” trades in Active pharmaceutical ingredients, Excepients ,Nutraceuticals and pellets.

Medali Chemicals, was successfully able to gain trust ability and loyalty of many of the top pharmaceutical companies in Egypt Like Chemipharm, Hikma, Future, EGPI, Pharaonia, etc.

Medali Chemicals, on the other side, was able to build win-win business relationships with top suppliers and manufacturers as, Uquifa(Spain), Parth antibiotics (India), Dipharma(Italy), Finar(India), Novomix (India)

Product range

  • Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs)
  • Inactive Pharmaceutical ingredients
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical services
  • Packaging solutions
  • PVC rolls for pharmaceutical and food use of different thickness
  • PVC/PVDC (transparent, opaque and colored of different thickness and PVDC coating level)
  • Cold forming films 


In Medali, we are not only a business derivative organization that it’s success is to gain money but, we are a total solution and environment that ensure for each members as well as our partners a working environment controlled by entrepreneurs as Medali human assets, experts for directing the organization to the optimum direction, and profitable innovative integrated real business solutions achieving Medali sustainability and improving the humanity all over our globe.